What To Look For In An AR 15 Rifle

The AR 15 rifle is manufactured by hundreds of manufacturers. These manufacturers range from giant companies like Freedom Group (the owner of DPMS, Remington and Bushmaster) to meticulously hand machined and fitted ones manufactured by small range mom and pop shops.

Another very popular option is for you to custom build your own AR 15 from scratch. This is both fun and more affordable, considering that the price for a company manufactured AR 15 ranges from $800 to thousands of dollars. Another plus of this option is that you can build the rifle to the exact specification that you want.

For people on a budget, there is the option of buying the rifle parts one at a time till you get the complete parts needed to build a full rifle. This will allow you to get your rifle without having to outlay a huge sum of money at a go. With as little as a budget of $500, you can buy the necessary parts over time and couple them together when the set is complete.

One of the popular saying in gun shops and gun websites is that the best AR 15 you can get is the rifle you get the parts for and build yourself. You get to buy the parts you need so there is no waste of money on features and options that you don’t want. While there are people that love the full control they have with the custom building of their rifles, there is absolutely nothing wrong with those who prefer the option of purchasing factory fabricated rifles. There are plenty gun experts who prefer to purchase and use factory stock rifles.


As it has been noted earlier, there are different manufacturers of the AR 15 rifles, leading to different variants and options of the rifle available on the open market. This development leads to the question of, which of these is the best rifle. How do you rate a rifle? How do you know to call one the best?



How do we

How do we categorize the different variations of the AR 15? What metric do we use to measure and compare their attributes?


For one, the most important feature or property of any gun, be it a rifle or a hand gun, is the reliability and its accuracy.


Is it a weapon you can count on not to let you down when using it or one that has a mind of its own and only works when it wants.

Optics Ready

With the Optics Ready stock sight, you can save money on replacing the sight by buying the Smith & Wesson MSRP for $1,070.

Daniel Defense M4 V1 LW

What about the feeding of bullets into its chamber, does it carry out this function smoothly or not. Does the cartridge feeds well and the ejection doesn't give issues? Another major factor that determines the rating of an AR 15 rifle is the quality of the parts used for it. Rifles manufactured with high quality parts will obviously record a better performance that one built with low end quality, cheap parts. For the most part, manufactures that build the Tier 1 AR 15 rifles make sure that when a rifle is completed, it is test fired and all its functions such as loading, firing and ejecting are properly tested. This is to ensure that defective rifles are not shipped out from the factory to the gun enthusiast putting his or her money down for it. Also, one needs to consider the company one is getting the rifle from. How is their customer service like? Can you call them up when you run into issues setting up shop or need more clarifications on manufacturer specific features that the rifle might come with. What warranty does the manufacturer offer?


Top Rated AR 15 Rifle

These are just few of the features carried by most of the top rated AR 15 rifle variations. Listed below is a quick run through of what these rifles and their individual distinctions.
Daniel Defense manufactures premium high end whole rifles and  parts. They offer high quality components at prices that are competitive and quite reasonable based on the quality of what they have to offer.

The company makes use of revolutionary techniques and metals that are almost the stuff talked about in science fiction movies and books. Daniel Defense is a trusted brand as it has sold its rifles to national militaries all over the world. The Daniel Defense M4 V1 comes at a price of $1,800.

Smith & Wesson M&P Optics Ready
The Smith and Wesson AR 15 rifle comes with an Optics Ready stock sight. The company knows that most owners of the AR 15 will remove the stock sights on the rifles and fit in their personal preference.

Rock River Arms LAR-15 Entry Tactical
Rock River Arms allows the owner to order for a fully customize rifle directly from the factory.
They have a user friendly website where you can configure a firing platform that is to your specification and the company builds it for you. The MSRP coming from the company costs $1,200.
There is an amazing online resource that can be utilized just for this purpose. Visit SGPT website. They have great and affordable navy seals watches out there.

A buzz word

A buzz word used comely when describing Tier 1 AR rifles is that a particular make of the rifle is MIL – SPEC. In the reality of the meaning of the word, no commercially available rifle is truly MIL – SPEC. The closest you can get to a rifle being MIL – SPEC is one that was built following the Colt's Technical Data Package. Although, due to the latest innovations in technologies, the Colt's Technical Data Package is a bit dated. All the same, the specifications are still relevant as a huge proportion of the top rated AR 15 rifles made by mass manufacturers have the features specified.

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